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Technology Ltd is a London based software company doing pioneering work in digital human representation and animation. Over the past 5 years Anthropics has developed world beating technologies which have been used by major mobile telecommunications companies, including Nokia, Vodafone, Telefonica, O2, 3, and many other mobile operators. Digital Photo News has done a review of their software, Portrait Professional.

Being a Photoshop pro for many years and seeing many programs and filters that are supposed to do the same, which is retouching, I was very sceptical about this program. My scepticism grow bigger when I saw some example results on PortraitProfessional.com where they used seconds as a measurement of doing retouching done. Installation package of Portrait Professional is around 2 Megs big and installation procedure itself lasted less then a minute on my home computer.
I've started programme and first screen almost made me quit programme because I thought "Oh no, another same simple and look alike programme”. But, luckily, I've continued and very quickly things started to impress me. Portrait Professional doesn’t have stylish menus and work area is pretty simple. I don’t like to see when programmes compensate their lack of possibilities with graphical "make up”.
Work with this programme is quite simple in fact.
Portrait Professional

First you have to open your portrait photo and in the next step to select is it a female or a male face. Ok, this makes sense because of a difference in shape of the male and female face and in the talks with development team they said that they only recently inserted feature for man face.
Next few steps were something totally new to me. In short, you have to specify some points on the face: both corners of left and right eye, nose, corners of lip, chin... Then you have to fine tune your selection. You have key points in selection and you can move them until you are satisfied. When finished program will contact server on the internet and in less then a minute you have your portrait corrected. But correction is not yet completely done because you have some options of fine tuning.
First in order is face sculpting where you can change position of eyes, lips, nose, length and width of face and also shape of the face.
Then there are Skin tone controls and lightning sliders but Eye and teeth whitening were the feature that brought smile on my face. So simple but so effective.
First portrait took me around 4-5 minutes to complete because I was new to program but second one was quite faster, no more then a minute. I tried portraits of kids, pro models and older people. Results varied from photo to photo.
Portrait Professional

Portrait Professional

To say that this is a tool for professionals would be a lie. Sometimes I need more then 5 hours to retouch a portrait and I now that it is a hard and time consuming work. But if you are amateur or advanced amateur this program is going to make you smile. Easy to understand, almost no time consumed on learning what curves, levels, filters, are and so on, and most important, very fast. Also there is a price. Photoshop costs almost 10 times more and you have to spend many hours learning different techniques. So I would recommend this programme to people that want good results quickly.

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