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4. jusper   (2012-09-26 11:14 AM) E-mail
this makes me feel proud of you tyler thumbs up

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3. TYLER STEV [Tylove]   (2012-07-10 8:30 PM)
Thanks Guys..Marion, i will make you more proud and more good things are coming along this.keep watch and trust that i will deliver. Thanks for always being behind me and showing me that the sky only can be my limit and always being so good and sweet with me. I adore you more than you think.

Phibby dear thanks too my pretty one and as i said, am still working hard on very many other projects.

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2. Grace Marion   (2011-11-03 10:41 PM) E-mail
Hellllllllo Tyler,this is a bombshell,BOO,BOO,BOO,wowwwwwww great work,iam overwhelmed,u are just a young genious,well done,what an amazing well put together handwork,u are just on the stepping stones to a greater move,Iam so happy and proud of u,we are all behind this,its great,well done and just keep it up,u will live yr dreams starting from this,,,,always for u Grace..

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1. kisakye phibbie   (2011-05-03 12:04 PM) E-mail
you guy, this is a good idea, i love you website , its a cute one


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